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Step 6. Select Backup

The Backup step of the wizard is available if you have chosen to restore data from a backup file located in a network shared folder or on a backup repository.

From the list of backups, select a backup from which you want to recover data. To quickly find the necessary backup, use the search field at the bottom of the window: enter a backup name or a part of it in the search field and click the Start search button on the right or press [ENTER].

In the list of backups, Veeam Endpoint Backup displays only those backups that meet the following criteria:

  1. Backups created at the volume level. File-level backups are not displayed.
  2. [For backup repository target] Backups accessible by the user whose credentials are specified at the Backup Server step of the wizard:
  • If you specify credentials for the user who has access to the backup repository, the list of backups will include only backups created by this user.
  • If you specify credentials for the user who is assigned the Backup Administrator or Restore Operator role on the backup server, the list of backups will include all Veeam Endpoint backups stored on the backup repository.

Step 6. Select Backup 

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