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Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5
Evaluator's Guide for VMware vSphere

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Tasks

This section describes a set of exercises that you can perform to get familiar with the product functionality. Each exercise covers one of the most typical data protection or disaster recovery tasks and allows you to evaluate primary features of Veeam Backup & Replication.

Exercise List

To evaluate the key possibilities of Veeam Backup & Replication, perform the following exercises.



Time Estimates

Performing backup

Configure a backup job.

5-10 minutes

Run the backup job to create a full image-level backup.


Run the backup job again to create an incremental backup.


Backing up and restoring Microsoft SQL Server databases

Back up a virtualized Microsoft SQL Server and restore a database to a specific transaction.


Restoring a full VM

Restore a full VM from the image-level backup.


Restoring guest OS files

Restore specific guest OS files from the created image-level backup.

5-7 minutes

Restoring VM disks

Restore a VM drive from the image-level backup, and attach it to another VM.


Restoring VM files

Restore a VM configuration file (VMX) from the image-level backup.

5-7 minutes

Creating a backup copy

Create a copy of a backup file and store it on the secondary backup repository.


Performing replication

Configure a replication job.

5-10 minutes

Run the replication job to create a VM replica on the target host.


Run the replication job once again to create a restore point for a VM replica.


Failing over a VM replica

Fail over to the VM replica from the original VM.

3-5 minutes

Failing back to a primary VM

Fail back to the original VM from the VM replica.



* The actual time required to perform this exercise depends on your test lab configuration, the hardware and software being used and the size of processed VMs.

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