Case 6. Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting: Veeam Backup Management Suite Evaluator's Guide
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Case 6. Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting

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This evaluation case will help you understand how to configure virtual infrastructure monitoring rules to produce alarms on health and performance issues that may occur in your virtual infrastructure and to send notification on the triggered alarm rule.

For example, Latest snapshot age  alarm is triggered if the current snapshot is older than a specified number of hours. The alarm helps monitor forgotten snapshots that are consuming valuable storage space and degrading performance of virtual machines.

Follow these steps:

1.In Veeam ONE Monitor, make sure you have e-mail notification settings configured (refer to .

2.Switch to the Alarm Management view.

3.In the navigation tree, select VMware >Virtual Machine>Latest Snapshot Age alarm.


4.From the list of Actions on the right, select Edit.

5.In the alarm properties, go to the Rules tab and in the Rule Parameters section, set VM snapshot age (Hours) value to 1:


6.Click OK to save the settings.

7.Create a snapshot of a test VM by VMware means.

8.Wait for 60 minutes, then look through the mailbox you specified as the email recipient for alarm notification. The mailbox should contain the item from the corresponding sender ( in our example), with the subject line containing [Veeam ONE Monitor] Alarm – Latest snapshot Age from <VM name> and alarm details and KB.

9.Then in Veeam ONE Monitor, open the Infrastructure view, switch to the Alarms tab and look for the alarm from the test VM as a Source:


Table of contents