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Collecting Data from Infrastructure

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Information on your virtual and backup infrastructure topology is stored in the VeeamOne database on the SQL Server specified during the setup; commonly, data collection runs periodically on schedule – by default, on weekdays, at 3:00 a.m. If necessary, you can change data collection schedule for specific servers, or start data collection manually when needed.



This refers to configuration data; performance and real-time monitoring data is collected in real time.

Consider that to access Veeam ONE Reporter configuration settings (including data collection schedule), you should connect to the Reporter web UI using the credentials with sufficient rights. For example, you can enter the account used to run the setup, since it is automatically assigned administrative access rights.

To change data collection schedule for specific servers, do the following in Veeam ONE Reporter:

1.Open the Configuration view in web UI and click Servers on the left.

2.Select the server for which you want to change data collection schedule and click Scheduling on the toolbar.

3.Adjust data collection schedule appropriately.


Besides, you can start data collection manually when needed. For that, do the following:

1. In Veeam ONE Reporter, switch to the Configuration view.

2.Select Servers, choose the server for which you want to collect data, then click Start on the toolbar:


For more information on Veeam ONE configuration and data collection settings, please refer to Veeam ONE Deployment Guide at

Table of contents