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Step 1: Setting Up Availability Monitoring

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Proper network connectivity between various infrastructure components is a need for data transfer and management operations. Any firewalls that exist between various infrastructure components may require ports being opened to allow for appropriate proper communications (see the "Required Ports" section of the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide). However, the Veeam backup server may lose connection to the repository due to any of the possible reasons: firewall issues, disconnected network cable, network card failure, repository service failure, or power state. A person in charge needs to be timely notified of the problem and resolve it or escalate properly.

Take the following steps:

1.In Veeam ONE Monitor, configure the e-mail notification settings. For that, use the property tabs available after you select Options >Server Settings in Veeam ONE Monitor toolbar:

You should specify SMTP server settings, as well as sender and recipient address. Add the recipient to default email notification group by clicking Configure and typing in e-mail address. Make sure this group includes a mailbox that you have access to.

Leave the default e-mail frequency settings (to be notified on alarms for the virtual infrastructure right after they are triggered).

You can use the default email notification template – the subject line will start with [Veeam ONE Monitor] Alarm and contain alarm details.


For more details on configuring notifications, please refer to the Veeam ONE User Guide (

2.Open the Alarm Management view in Veeam ONE Monitor. You can either search for the alarms on the backup repository, or select the Backup repository connection failure alarm from the navigation tree under Backup & Replication > Repository.


3.Click Edit in the Actions list on the right.

4.On the General alarm property tab, make sure the Enable this alarm check box is selected.

5.On the Rule tab, make sure the Enabled check box is selected.

6.On the Actions tab, make sure the Send email to a default group is selected – this should be the group you have populated when setting up for case 2 above. Ensure it includes a mailbox that you have access to.

7.Click OK to close the dialog.

Now you can proceed with imitating a repository connection failure.

On a Windows repository, Veeam Backup & Replication deploys a local Veeam transport service (when you add a Windows-based server to the product console, Veeam Backup & Replication installs a set of components, including the Veeam Backup Proxy Service with Veeam transport service, on that server). When any job addresses the repository, the transport service on the repository establishes a connection with the source-side transport service on the backup proxy, enabling efficient data transfer over LAN or WAN. For more details on Windows-based repository and its operation, please refer to Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide

So, to imitate repository connection failure, you can stop the Veeam backup transport service (in case of all-in-one deployment, it is co-located with Veeam Backup service).

Take the following steps:

1.Use the Windows Services management snap-in to stop Veeam Backup service.

2.Open the mailbox you have configured as a default recipient for alarm notifications. The mailbox should contain the item from the corresponding sender ( in our example) with the subject line containing [Veeam ONE Monitor] Alarm – Backup repository connection failure for <repository_server_name> and alarm details and KB.


3.In Veeam ONE Monitor, open Data Protection view and on the Alarms tab make sure the Backup repository connection failure alarm has been issued by the machine hosting your repository.


4.Use the Services snap-in to start Veeam Backup service on the repository server.

Table of contents