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Step 3: Creating Report on Capacity Planning

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This report analyzes the amount of free space on backup repositories and estimates the projected date when the repository will run out of available storage capacity. The report provides recommendations on how to adjust the allocated storage resources in order to meet the future demand for backup storage. Furthermore, it calculates the amount of additional space that needs to be provisioned to accommodate the necessary restore points.

Take the following steps:

1.In Veeam ONE Reporter, run data collection for your Veeam backup server.

2.Go to the Workspace tab, and from the navigation tree select Veeam Backup & Replication >Capacity Planning for Backup Repositories.

3.Configure the following report parameters:

a.Scope – check that Backup Infrastructure is selected

b.Space Utilization Limit (%)  – set to 90

c.Ensure there is enough capacity for selected number of days – set to 30

4.Click Preview and wait for the report to be generated.


The report helps you analyze configuration and disk space usage on backup repositories and forecast how many days remain before the repository reaches its full capacity. You can use this information to assess the required amount of additional space that needs to be allocated to support the uninterrupted backup operations for a specified number of days into the future. The report also provides the summary of your backup infrastructure configuration, including the total number of associated repositories, the number of jobs and the number of VMs included in backups.


Table of contents