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Step 3. Viewing Report on Restore Operator Activity

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The report delivers information on all files, application-level and VM restore activities conducted by authorized users. The information is arranged by the type of restore action performed; it includes initiating user, name of the item or VM being recovered, the intended restore destination and the status of the completed job.

1.In Veeam ONE Reporter, run data collection for your Veeam backup server.

2.Go to the Workspace tab, and from the navigation tree select Veeam Backup & Replication > Restore Operator Activity.

3.Configure the following report parameters:

a.Scope – check that Backup Infrastructure is selected

b.Users – select All

c.Restore Type – select All

d.Reporting Period – select Current day.

4.Click Preview and wait for report to be generated.


5.When the report is ready, check the following:

The Full VM Restore and Guest Files Restore operations for selected VM are included in report data

The Initiator name column contains the account you used when accessing Veeam Backup console to perform the restore

The Restored Item column contains the corresponding VM (for full VM restore) and file (for guest file restore)


Table of contents