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Deleting Jobs

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You can delete configured jobs if you no longer need them.

Before you delete a job, make sure the job is stopped. If a job you want to delete is running, wait for it to finish or stop the job manually. For details, see Stopping Jobs.

To delete one or more jobs:

1.Open the Jobs view.

2.In the left pane, select Jobs.

3.Select one or more jobs in the list and do one of the following:

Click Delete Job on the ribbon.

Right-click the job and choose Delete.

To select several jobs, press and hold the [CTRL] or [SHIFT] key on the keyboard.

4.In the displayed dialog box, click Yes to confirm deletion.

When you delete a job, Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure retains all sessions for this job. If necessary, you can delete such job sessions manually. For details, see Viewing Job Session Statistics.

Table of contents