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Editing Job Settings

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You can edit settings of configured jobs. You can modify the scope of files and folders to upload or download, target folder, job schedule, and PowerShell commands that must be performed before the job starts or after the job finishes.

Before you edit job settings, make sure that:

An Azure VM specified as the source or target for the job is connected to Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure and running. For details on configuring connections to Azure VMs, see Connecting Azure VMs.

The job is stopped. If a job you want to modify is running, wait for it to finish or stop the job manually. For details, see Stopping Jobs.

To edit job settings:

1.Open the Jobs view.

2.In the left pane, select Jobs.

3.Select a job in the list and do one of the following:

Click Edit Job on the ribbon.

Right-click the job and choose Edit.

4.Modify job settings as required.

For details on specifying settings for different types of jobs, see the following topics:

Creating Files Upload Jobs

Creating Folders Upload Jobs

Creating Files Download Jobs

Creating Folders Download Jobs

5.Save changes.

Table of contents