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Active Alarms

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Kaseya provides various response actions for Veeam Backup event log alerts that are triggered by Kaseya agents on backup servers. One of supported response actions is creating alarms. If you have configured Kaseya to create alarms based on Veeam backup events, you can track these alarms in the Active Alarms view.

To access the Active Alarms view:

1.In the Kaseya console, go to Veeam Backup & Replication > Backup Monitoring > Active Alarms.
2.To narrow down the list of alarms, you can apply the following filters:
Machine ID/ Machine Group (Kaseya filters) — limit the list of alarms by the machine ID or machine group (that is, show alarms for specific backup servers)
From/To — limit the list of alarms by time when alarms were triggred (by default, this filter is set to show alarms only for the previous 7 days)
Severity — limit the list of alarms by severity (Error, Warning or Information)
State — limit the list of alarms by state (Open, Closed or All)

Active Alarms View

For  every alarm in the list, the following details are available:

ID — alarm ID
Severity — alarm severity level (Error, Warning or Information)
Machine ID — name of the backup server for which the alarm was triggered
Machine Group — name of the machine group to which the backup server belongs
Time — date and time when the alarm was triggered
Subject — description of the Veeam backup event that caused the alarm

To manage Veeam backup alarms, go to Monitor > Status > Alarm Summary. To learn how to work with alarm records in Kaseya, see

For details on setting up alerts, see Configuring Event Log Alerts.

Table of contents