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The summary dashboard consolidates statistics for key aspects of data protection in the managed virtual environment.

To access the dashboard:

1.In the Kaseya console, go to Veeam Backup & Replication > Backup Monitoring > Dashboard.
2.To display data protection statistics for a specific machine group, you can apply the Kaseya Machine Group Filter.

Summary Dashboard

The dashboard includes the following widgets:

Alarm List

This widget shows 5 most recent alarms notifying about Veeam Backup & Replication events. To view the full list of alarms, open the Active Alarms view.


The alarms list is populated only if you have configured Kaseya to create alarms in response to event log alerts. For details on setting up alerts, see Configuring Event Log Alerts.

Backup Infrastructure Inventory

This widget shows the type and number of components deployed in the Veeam backup infrastructure. In addition to inventory statistics, the widget illustrates the connection state of backup infrastructure machines:

oGreen — the machine is connected and available for data protection operations
oYellow — Veeam backup software pieces (such as Installer, Transport and other) on the machine are out of date
oRed — connection is lost; the machine is unavailable for data protection operations

Click the component name to view connection status for all infrastructure components of a specific type. Connection status details help you quickly detect backup infrastructure machines that can cause interruption or failure of Veeam Backup & Replication tasks.

Job Status

This widget reflects the completion status of backup and replication jobs. The widget chart shows how many jobs completed successfully, ended up with errors and warnings on a specific day of the current or previous week. For jobs that run more than once during the day, the chart reflects the status of the latest job session.

Click a colored bar segment to view details for job sessions that ended up with the corresponding status.

Protected VMs Overview

This widget shows how many VMs are protected with backup and/or replication jobs within each machine group.

oProtected VMs value shows the total number of managed VMs that have at least one backup or replica restore point for the previous 30 days
oBacked Up/Replicated values show the number of managed VMs that have at least one backup/replica restore point for the previous 30 days

This widget displays the list of backup repositories sorted by the least amount of space available. The widget table details the name of the repository, server connection state, repository capacity, amount of available free space and amount of space consumed by Veeam backup files.

Top Jobs by Duration

This widget lists the top 5 jobs with the greatest session duration (for the past 7 days). The widget table details the name of the job, status of the latest job session and the value for the average weekly job duration.

The arrows indicate how the average duration value has changed in comparison with the duration value for the previous week. The horizontal arrow indicates no change, upward pointing arrow stands for increased duration and downward pointing arrow stands for decreased duration.

Table of contents