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The License view displays information about product licenses installed on the managed Veeam backup servers.

To view Veeam Backup & Replication license details in the Kaseya console, go to Veeam Backup & Replication > Support Information > License.

License View

For each managed backup server, the following details are available:

Backup Server — name of the backup server
Machine Group — name of the machine group to which the backup server belongs
Protected VMs Count — number of VMs protected with the backup server (VMs that have at least one backup or replica restore point for the previous 30 days)
Total Sockets — total number of licensed sockets
Total VMware — number of licensed sockets for VMware vSphere hosts
User VMware — number of sockets used for for VMware vSphere hosts
Total Hyper-V — number of licensed sockets for Microsoft Hyper-V hosts
User Hyper-V — number of sockets used for for Microsoft Hyper-V hosts
Support Expiration — support contract expiration date
License Expiration — license expiration date

Table of contents