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Protected VMs

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The Protected VMs reports show which VMs in the virtual environment are protected with backups, backup copies and/or replica restore points and reveal whether these restore points meet the established RPO requirements. The reports help you identify VMs that run without proper backup protection — either due to missing or outdated backups and replicas.

The Veeam Backup Add-on offers several variants of the Protection VMs report:

Protected VMs by Backup Jobs report shows VMs protected with backup restore points
Protected VMs by Backup Copy Jobs report shows VMs protected with backup copies
Protected VMs by Replication Jobs report shows VMs protected with replica restore points
Protected VMs report shows VMs protected with backup, backup copies and/or replicas

Protected VMs Report
Protected VMs Report

Data Filters

The report supports the following data filters:

Time Range — you can specify a custom RPO period to define the age of the latest backups or replicas required to resume normal operation in case of system failure.
Machine ID/Machine Group (standard Kaseya filters) — you can limit the list of protected VMs that are included in the report scope.

To learn about Kaseya data filters, see

Report Parts

The report is based on the following report parts:

Machine Protection Status diagram shows the share of protected and unprotected VMs in the managed virtual environment. A VM is considered Protected if there is at least one valid backup or replica restore point within the specified RPO interval.
Machine Last Backup State diagram shows the completion status of the latest sessions for backup and replication jobs.
Protected Machines tables provide a list of VMs protected with backup or replication jobs. The table includes a separate entry for each VM in the job and details the machine name, latest result of the VM processing task, date and time of the latest VM processing task, number of restore points created for the VM within the RPO period.
Discovered machines with no backups table shows the list of managed VMs that do not have any backup or replica restore points within the specified RPO period. For each unprotected VM, the table details the machine group, machine name, IP address, last check-in time and agent status.

Table of contents