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Scheduling Data Collection Procedure

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You can specify a custom schedule according to which the Collect and Process Backup Server Stats  must run on Veeam backup servers.

To schedule the agent procedure:

1.In the Kaseya console, go to Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule/Create.
2.In the agent procedures tree, expand the Shared > Veeam Procedures folder and select the Collect and Process Backup Server Stats agent procedure.
3.Click the Schedule tab on the right.
4.Select check boxes next to backup servers from which you want to collect configuration data on a scheduled basis.
5.Click the Schedule Agent Procedure button at the top of the machine list.
6.On the displayed screen, specify the necessary scheduling options. It is recommended to define an hourly time interval between the agent procedure runs.

To learn about scheduling settings for agent procedures, see

Scheduling Agent Procedure


In some cases, the Veeam agent procedure may not start as defined by the schedule. This can happen if the procedure is scheduled at a time when Kaseya system agent procedures must run. In this case, the agent procedure has lower priority and is queued after Kaseya agent procedures.

Table of contents