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Configuring Monitors

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The Veeam Backup & Replication Plug-in includes a set of monitors for analyzing the state of the Veeam backup infrastructure and tracking effectiveness of data protection operations in the managed virtual environment. Veeam monitors are assigned to all machines in the Veeam Backup group.

By default, Veeam monitors are configured to raise alerts and create tickets when the evaluated conditions are met — on job failures, loss of connection between backup infrastructure components and so on. After installation, you may need to review monitor configuration to customize the default monitor settings, create overrides for specific backup servers or change the monitor response actions.

To access Veeam monitors:

1.Locate the Veeam Backup group.

[For LabTech 11] In the Control Center, expand Groups > Veeam Backup.

[For LabTech 10.5] In the Control Center, expand Groups > Backup Management > Veeam Backup.

2.Right-click the necessary backup server and select Monitors in the shortcut menu.

3.Open the System Monitors tab.

4.Double-click the necessary monitor in the list and change its configuration if necessary.

For information on working with monitors in LabTech, see Remote Monitors.

For the list of Veeam Backup & Replication Plug-in monitors and default monitor settings, see Appendix A.

Table of contents