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The Jobs dataview shows information on Veeam Backup & Replication jobs, including:

Backup jobs

Replication jobs

SureBackup jobs

Backup copy jobs

Backup to tape jobs

Files to tape jobs

VM copy jobs

File copy jobs

Jobs Dataview

The Jobs dataview includes the following fields:

Client — client to which the backup server belongs

Location — location to which the backup server belongs

Backup Server — name of the backup server that manages the job

Name — job name

Type job type (Backup, Replication, SureBackup, Backup Copy, SQL Log Backup Tape or Copy)

Statusstatus of the latest job session (Success, Warning, Failed or Running)

Last Rundate and time when the job was started for the last time

Next Run — date and time when the job is scheduled to run next time

Schedule — type of the schedule according to which the job is configured to run

Messagetext of the error or warning message (available for job sessions that ended with the Error or Warning status)

Durationtime taken to complete the latest job session

Avg. Duration — average time it took to complete a job session (total job duration time for the previous month divided by the number of times the job ran)

Bottlenecka bottleneck in the process of transferring VM data from source to target during the latest job session (source, proxy, network, target, source or target WAN accelerator)

Transferred Data MBtotal amount of VM data in MB that was transferred to the target destination (backup repository, replica target storage and other) during the latest job session

Processing Rate MB/srate at which VM data was processed during the latest job session

Table of contents