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Scheduling Data Collection

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To collect configuration details from Veeam backup servers, the Veeam Backup & Replication Plug-in utilizes the Collect backup data PowerShell script. This script is assigned to the Veeam Backup group that includes all machines running Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.

By default, the Collect backup data script is scheduled to run every 12 hours, with the exclusion interval 1:00АМ – 6:00АМ. For the first time, the script will start in 2 hours after the installation.

If you want to collect backup data immediately after installation or change the script schedule:

1.Locate the Veeam Backup group.

[For LabTech 11] In the Control Center, expand Groups and right-click the Veeam Backup group.

[For LabTech 10.5] In the Control Center, expand Groups > Backup Management and right-click the Veeam Backup group.

2.From the shortcut menu, select Scripts > Veeam Data Collection Scripts > Collect backup data.

3.In the Run Script window, specify how often the script must run:

Select Once to collect data one time

Select Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly to collect data according to a custom schedule

4.Click OK.

When the script runs for the first time, it imports backup configuration data for the previous week. After that, each new run of the script gathers configuration data updates.

For information on script scheduling settings in LabTech, see Scheduling Scripts.

Table of contents