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Protected VMs

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The Protected VMs dataview shows information on VMware and Hyper-V VMs that run LabTech agents. The view includes all machines that have the Virtual Machine agent flag in LabTech.

This view helps you reveal which VMs in the managed virtual environment are protected with backups, backup copies and/or have replica restore points.

Protected VMs Dataview

The Protected VMs dataview includes the following fields:

Backup Server — name of the backup server that managed jobs used to protect the VM

VM Name — name of the VM

Job Name — name of a job configured to protect the VM

Job Type — type of a job that created one or more restore points for the VM (Backup, Replication or Backup Copy)

Last Status — status of the latest job session (Success, Warning, Failed or Running)

Last Start — date and time when the job was started for the last time

Next Run — date and time when the job is scheduled to run next time

Total Restore Points  — number of restore points available for the VM

Infrastructure Server — name of the virtual server that manages the VM (vCenter Server, SCVMM, Hyper-V Failover Cluster or host)

Protected — flag indicating whether the VM has a backup or replica restore point for the previous week

Client — name of the client associated with the VM

Location — name of the location associated with the VM

DNS Name — FQDN name of the VM

Last Contact Date — last date the agent-enabled VM communicated with the LabTech server

Table of contents