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Backup Manager

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Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech integrates with the LabTech multi-vendor Backup Manager. In the Backup Manager, you can track the data protection status for all managed endpoints and quickly identify issues with Veeam Endpoint Backup backup jobs.

To access the Backup Manager, on the LabTech Control Center toolbar click Backup Manager.

Backup Manager

For each server or workstation VM, the following details are available:

Client — client associated with the endpoint.

Location — location associated with the endpoint.

Computer Name — computer name as shown in Control Center the navigation tree.

Backup Solution Installed — name of the backup solution used to protect endpoint data.

Last Backup Status — status of the latest backup job session.

Last Backup Time — date and time of the latest backup job session.

Job Fails (In Last 7 Days) — number of times the backup job failed within the last 7 days.

Warning Logs (In Last 7 Days) — number of errors or warnings in the Veeam Endpoint Backup log for the last 7 days.

To learn about the LabTech Backup Manager features, see Backup Manager documentation.

Table of contents