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Step 12. Check the Result

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After you save the backup job settings, the Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech will propagate these settings to Veeam Endpoint Backup.

To view whether the settings were applied properly:

1.In the LabTech Control Center, navigate to the Veeam Endpoint Backup Jobs section.

[For LabTech 11] Double-click a client or location, and open the Veeam Endpoint Backup Jobs tab.

You can also expand Clients > Client > Location and double-click the necessary computer. In the Computer Management window, click Plugins, and then click Veeam Endpoint Backup Jobs.

[For LabTech 10.5] Double-click a client, location or computer, and open the Veeam Endpoint Backup Jobs tab.

2.Check the Configuration State column for the necessary endpoints. The Configuration State field shows the result of applying the backup job settings on Veeam Endpoint Backup:

Applied — the backup job settings were successfully applied.

Warning — the backup job settings were applied with warnings. Click the Warning link to view warning details.

Error — the backup job settings were not applied due to errors. Click the Error link to view error details.

Job Configuration State

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