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Configuring Backup Job Settings

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In the LabTech Control Center, you can configure Veeam Endpoint Backup job settings. The job is used to back up data by the defined schedule. You can instruct the job to perform one of the following backup types:

Backup of an entire computer image

Backup of specific computer volumes, for example, a system volume or secondary volume

Backup of individual folders, for example, a documents folder

You can configure backup job settings for one endpoint, or for a group of endpoints at a time. When configuring backup job settings for a group of endpoints, consider limitations of the backup destination. If the backup destination does not support multiple concurrent write operations, you will need to tune the backup schedule so that backup jobs for different endpoints run at different time.

Before you configure the backup job:

Make sure that Veeam Endpoint Backup has been activated. For details, see Activating Veeam Endpoint Backup.

Check prerequisites. For details, see Before You Begin.

Use the Configure Backup wizard to define settings of the backup job.

1.Launch the Configure Backup wizard.

2.Select the backup mode.

3.Specify volumes to back up.

4.Specify folders to back up.

5.Select backup destination.

6.Specify local storage settings.

7.Specify shared folder settings.

8.Specify backup server settings.

9.Specify a backup repository.

10.Specify the backup schedule.

11.Review backup job settings.

12.Check the result


If the read-only access mode for Veeam Endpoint Backup is not enabled, users can change backup job settings in the Veeam Endpoint Backup Control Panel at any time. When backup job settings are changed in the Veeam Endpoint Backup Control Panel, these changes will not be reflected in Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech, which may lead to confusion in some cases. To prevent users from changing backup job settings, enable the read-only access mode for Veeam Endpoint Backup. For details, see Enabling Read-Only Access Mode.

Table of contents