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Restoring from Veeam Recovery Media

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If the endpoint OS fails to start, you can use the Veeam Recovery Media to perform bare metal recovery from the LabTech Control Center. The Veeam Recovery Media will help you boot the endpoint in the limited mode. After booting, you can use Veeam Endpoint Backup or standard Microsoft Windows tools to diagnose problems and fix errors. You can also use a backup created with Veeam Endpoint Backup to restore specific volumes, files and folders on your computer.

When you create a Veeam Recovery Media for a managed endpoint, Veeam Endpoint Backup includes in the created recovery image:

LabTech agent

ScreenConnect Client (if ScreenConnect Client is installed on the managed endpoint)

If you boot an endpoint from such recovery image, this endpoint will be automatically detected and displayed in the Clients tree in the LabTech Control Center. You can connect to the endpoint using the LabVNC, TightVNC or ScreenConnect and perform the necessary recovery operations from the LabTech Control Center.

Before you boot from the Veeam Recovery Media, check prerequisites. Then take the following steps to recover the endpoint.

1.Boot from Veeam Recovery Media.

2.Connect to the endpoint.

3. Select network adapter or wireless network.

4. Launch Veeam Endpoint Recovery wizard.

5. Specify backup file location.

6.Select remote storage.

7.Specify shared folder settings.

8.Specify backup server settings.

9.Select backup.

10.Select restore point.

11.Select data restore mode.

12.Map restored disks.

13.Start restore process.

Table of contents