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Step 3. Specify Volumes to Back Up

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The Volumes step of the wizard is available if you have chosen to create a volume-level backup.

In the Objects to backup list, specify volumes that you want to include in the backup. In the field at the top, type a drive letter and click Add. Repeat this step for all volumes that you want to add to the backup.

To remove a volume from the backup scope, select it in the Objects to backup list and click Remove.


1.When you include a system volume in the backup, Veeam Endpoint Backup automatically includes the System Reserved/UEFI or other system partitions in the backup too.

2.Veeam Endpoint Backup automatically adds  to the list of exclusions the following Microsoft Windows objects for all computer users: temporary files folder, Recycle Bin, Microsoft Windows pagefile, hibernate file and VSS snapshot files from the System Volume Information folder.

Select Volumes to Back Up

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