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Before You Begin

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Before you boot from the recovery image and recover your data, check the following prerequisites:

You must have a successfully created Veeam Recovery Media on any type of media: CD/DVD/BD or removable storage device. At the time when you create the Veeam Recovery Media, the following conditions must be met:

-A Labtech agent and Veeam Endpoint Backup must be installed on the endpoint.

-Veeam Endpoint Backup must be activated. For details, see Activating Veeam Endpoint Backup.

-If during the recovery process you plan to connect to the endpoint using ScreenConnect, ScreenConnect Client must be installed on the endpoint.

Note that currently you cannot create Veeam Recovery Media by means of the Veeam Endpoint Backup for LabTech. To create it, you must connect to the endpoint using LabVNC, TightVNC, ScreenConnect, Windows Remote Desktop Connection or similar, and launch the Create Recovery Media wizard. For details on working with the wizard, see Veeam Endpoint Backup User Guide, section Creating Veeam Recovery Media.

To recover data on the endpoint, in addition to Veeam Recovery Media you must have a data backup. This can be a volume-level backup created with Veeam Endpoint Backup, or a system image created with Microsoft Windows. Make sure that the backup or system image is available on the computer drive (local or external), a network shared folder or on the backup repository managed by a Veeam backup server.

The type of media on which you have created the recovery image must be set as a primary boot source on the endpoint.

Recovery images for Microsoft Windows 32-bit OSes can be booted in the BIOS system only. Recovery images for Microsoft Windows 64-bit OSes can be booted in the BIOS and UEFI systems.

Mind the following:

When you create a Veeam Recovery Media, Veeam Endpoint Backup stores settings for languages added to the list of input languages on the endpoint. If necessary, you can switch between languages using a hotkey combination when working with the Veeam Endpoint Recovery wizard. The default key combination is typically [Shift] + [Alt].

You can open the Command Prompt at any moment. To do this, press [Shift] + [F10] on the keyboard.

Table of contents