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Management Pack 8.0 for Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide

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Topology Diagram Views

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There are 2 pre-defined topology views available in the MP for Veeam Backup & Replication:

_Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Topology

oVeeam Backup Enterprise Manager

oVeeam backup servers

oVeeam scale-out backup repositories

oVeeam backup proxies

oVeeam backup repositories

oVeeam WAN accelerators

oVeeam backup and replication jobs

oUsers who have specific portal roles in Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager

_Veeam Backup Infrastructure Services Topology

oVeeam Backup Topology

oWindows computers

oVeeam Backup Enterprise Manager

oVeeam Hyper-V Integration Service

oVeeam Backup Proxy/Data Mover Service

oVeeam Broker Service

oVeeam Cloud Connect Service

oVeeam Veeam Cloud Gateway Service

oVeeam Mount Service

oVeeam RESTful API Service

oVeeam Tape Access Service

oVeeam WAN Accelerator Service

oVeeam vPower NFS Service

oVeeam Installer Service

oVeeam Guest Catalog Service

Screenshots illustrating these views are displayed in the following sections:

_Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Topology

_Veeam Backup Infrastructure Services Topology

Table of contents