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Report Output

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The Summary table will describe your on-premises infrastructure: total number of virtual machines and VM templates, total allocated vCPU cores, total vCPU usage, total allocated memory, total memory usage, total allocated VM storage and total used storage resources.

Report Output

The Required infrastructure output for VMware vCloud Air table will provide information on the number of VMware Hybrid Cloud core packages required to support your workloads that run on the chosen host. The Required Service in VMware vCloud Air table describes hosting options. This means that you can see how your on-premises infrastructure fits in both Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud options.

It can be seen from the report output that your virtual workloads could run in one Virtual Private Cloud. They could also therefore of course run in the larger option of a Dedicated Cloud.

Report Output

To help you make a decision, the report also includes pie charts that provide information on resources consumption in the Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud after you deploy your VMs in the cloud:

Sectors highlighted in yellow represent cloud CPU, memory and storage resources consumed by your VMs.
Sectors highlighted in green represent free CPU, memory and storage resources left in the cloud after you deploy your VMs.

In the final screenshot below, it can be seen that the on-premises resources occupy most of the Virtual Private Cloud option. However there is still some remaining headroom. Also noteworthy is that a significant proportion of the allocated storage space will remain unused.

The Dedicated Cloud option naturally has significantly more free resources after allocating the current workloads. Depending on the estimates of future growth, this could be a better option. Veeam Capacity Planning reports can assist with projecting future resources needs for the on-premises workloads, and this can be a factor in the decision.

This information helps you to understand and plan for running a cloud/hybrid environment.

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