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Veeam Management Pack 8.0 for Hyper-V User Guide

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Resolved Issues

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This section lists issues that were resolved in Veeam MP 8.0 for Microsoft Hyper-V.

Web console displays a blank page instead of Morning Coffee Dashboard

The Morning Coffee Dashboard now works correctly in the Operations Manager web console.

Hyper-V Cluster Disk counters display incorrect values

Under certain circumstances, the Ops Mgr Condition Detection module may not be able to correctly process values obtained for cluster disks. The reason is that the Ops Mgr Management Server retrieves double data type and uses comma as a decimal separator, and the Ops Mgr Condition Detection module is not able to identify comma as a decimal separator.

Earlier, to work around the issue, you could configure default Action Accounts on all Management Servers to use dot as a decimal separator. Now, Veeam provides a fix which formats data in a way the Ops Mgr Condition Detection module understands, regardless of decimal separator settings.

False alerts from ‘Veeam Hyper-V VM Checkpoint Age’ monitor

A known Microsoft Hyper-V bug caused VM snapshots to be timestamped as 01/01/1601 after a host reboot. This could cause the metric Hyper-V VM Checkpoints/AgeHours to be incorrect which would cause the Veeam Hyper-V: VM Checkpoint Analysis monitor to fire an alert stating incorrect snapshot age. For more details on the issue, see the Microsoft Windows Server Forum.

Empty Guest OS and Guest DNS name properties

Veeam Management Pack 8.0 for Hyper-V no longer contains an issue which prevented the guest OS and guest DNS name properties from being collected. For more details on the issue, see this Veeam KB article.

High memory usage causes Health Service restarts

Veeam MP includes a large library of rules and monitors for comprehensive Hyper-V infrastructure monitoring. As a downside, the Ops Mgr agent on the host has to process a large number of workflows. In previous versions, this could cause high numbers for used handles and private bytes for the Monitoring Host process. In version 8.0, numerous Hyper-V monitoring issues that could cause slow Ops Mgr agent performance have been fixed.

Table of contents