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Veeam Management Pack 8.0 for Hyper-V User Guide

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Upgrading Veeam Hyper-V MP

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To upgrade Veeam Hyper-V MP to version 8.0, you will need to upgrade VE Service and Veeam UI,  and to import new management packs:

1.Log on to the Management Server using an account with local Administrator rights.

2.Insert the installation disc into the CD/DVD drive or mount the installation image. The setup will open the splash screen with Veeam Management Pack installation options.

On the install menu of the splash screen, click Veeam Management Pack Suite.

Veeam Management Pack Splash Window

3.Click Next to start the installation.

Veeam MP Installation Welcome Step

4.Read and accept the license agreement. If you reject the agreement, you will not be able to continue installation.

Veeam MP License Agreement

5.Review Veeam MP components installed on the server.

Veeam MP Upgrade Components

6.Click Browse to locate the.lic file supplied to you by Veeam. You will not be able to continue installation without providing a license.

Veeam MP License

7.Choose management packs to import.

Veeam MP Upgrade Packs

8.Perform the system configuration check.

Veeam MP Installation Configuration Passed

9.Enter credentials of the account under which the VE Service will run. For the account requirements, see Required Permissions.

The user name should be specified in the DOMAIN\USERNAME format.

Veeam MP Installation Credentials

10.Click Install to begin installation.

Table of contents