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Veeam Management Pack 8.0 for Hyper-V User Guide

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Veeam Hyper-V Analysis Reports

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This report pack contains valuable reports for analyzing and optimizing your Hyper-V environment, for example right-sizing VMs, finding Idle VMs, finding mis-used and over-provisioned storage.


The report pack includes a list of generic and linked reports and can be used only if you have the Veeam Report Library installed.

The report pack includes the following reports:

Hyper-V Overprovisioned Storage
Virtual Machines. Checkpoint Summary
Virtual Machines. Guest OS Summary
Infrastructure Summary
Stressed Hosts
Virtual Machines. Uptime Statistics
Top Noisy Hyper-V objects
Configuration Tracking and Alert Correlation
Hyper-V Storage Performance Profile Analysis
Virtual Machines. Idle VMs
Virtual Machines. Right-sizing — VMs Oversized for Memory and CPU
Virtual Machines. Right-sizing — VMs Undersized for Memory and CPU

Table of contents