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Veeam VMware: VASA Provider disconnected Alarm

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This monitor tracks the vCenter Alarm 'VASA provider disconnected'.

By default, the alarm is triggered by the following events: VASA Provider is connected to the vCenter Server. VASA Provider is disconnected from the vCenter Server.

Check that VASA Provider endpoint is accessible from the vCenter Server. For instructions on managing VASA Provider connection settings, see VMware vSphere Documentation. If VASA Provider endpoint is inaccessible from the vCenter Server, check the certificate used by the Storage Monitoring Server within the VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices component; for more information, see this VMware KB article.

See the Help Center for more information including reference lists of all Rules and Monitors and full set of User Guides for the Veeam MP for VMware.

See the VMware Online Documentation for more information on VMware vSphere, in particular:

Troubleshooting Guide
Resource Management Guide
Networking Guide
Storage Guide

Table of contents