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Datastores. Space Usage Heatmap

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This report analyzes the amount of space consumed by files of virtual machines on datastores and shows how VM files have grown across a time range.


The Datastores. Space Usage Heatmap report helps identify VMs with rapidly growing VM files.


The report may display incorrect data if there is no performance data collected by the end of the reporting period (for example, the amount of free space may be shown as '0' for an empty datastore).


Date/time Selection: defines the time period to analyze in the report.

Scope: defines a list of Groups or Objects that will be analyzed in the report (by default, the VMware Datastores group is selected).
The Add Group option returns a Group and all objects that a group contains (with all performance counter instances). The Add Object option returns only the selected object.

Growth Threshold: defines the threshold for the amount of datastore space consumed by VM files during the reporting period (by default, 10% is selected).

Growth Threshold Unit: defines growth threshold measurement unit — GB or Percent.

Cell Capacity (GB): defines the capacity of a single Heat Map cell in the report output.

Sample Usage

Detect VMs that have grown by over 15 GB during this week. Report on the amount of space consumed by all VMs on selected datastores.


1.Open the Datastores. Space Usage Heatmap report.
2.From the From list, choose This Week > Monday. From the To list, choose This Week > Friday.
3.In the Scope section, include the necessary datastores in the report.

Click Add Object. In the Add Object window, click Options. In the Options window, click Add. In the Class Name search box, type “datastore” and click Search. Select the VMware Datastores class in the list of search results, click Add and click OK. In the Options windows, click OK to apply the filter. In the Add Object window, click Search. The search will return a list of objects that belong to the VMware Datastores class. Select the necessary datastores in the list, click Add and click OK.

4.In the Growth Threshold field, type 15.
5.From the Growth Threshold Unit list, select GB.
6.In the Cell Capacity (GB) field, type 10.
7.Click Run to view the report.

Report Output

The report will draw the Heat Map that illustrates how much space each VM consumes on a datastore. The amount of space consumed by a VM is presented as a colored bar. The bar is comprised of cells in which each cell indicates 10 GB of consumed datastore space.

The bar color depends on the VM growth rate:

Green: For the reporting period, a VM has grown by less than 15 GB (that is, consumed less datastore space than defined by the Growth Threshold).
Red: For the reporting period a VM has grown by over 15 GB (that is, consumed more datastore space than defined by the Growth Threshold)
Yellow: All virtual machines whose files consume less than 5 GB (half of a Heat Map cell) are grouped together and do not have individual cells. They are represented with a single yellow bar at the end of the Heat Map.
White: The amount of unconsumed datastore space is presented as empty cells on the Heat Map.
Grey: Amount of space consumed by unknown files on the datastore. Unknown files are represented with a single grey bar at the end of the Heat Map.


The report will show a separate bar for a VM if the size of the VM files exceeds half of the specified cell capacity (5 GB). For example, for a VM whose files consume 16 GB, the report will show a bar comprised of two cells. If you want to obtain more accurate data, the report should show bars for VMs of a smaller size. In this case, you will need to decrease the Cell Capacity value.

The report table lists all VMs whose files reside on a datastore and shows the following metrics for every VM:

Amount of space consumed by VM files on the datastore
Amount of space that the VM consumed during this week (reporting period), both in GB and percent.

You can click a VM name, a datastore name or a cell on the Heat Map to drill down to the Veeam Performance Details Report.

Table of contents