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Opens a connection to the Virtualization Extensions Service.

Applies to versions: 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0


Connect-VE [-ConnectionSession] <VesConnection> [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

This cmdlet opens a connection to the Virtualization Extensions Service that is specified with the -ConnectionSession parameter. When the connection is open, you can perform configuration of Virtualization Extensions Service using VEShell cmdlets.

To establish a connection to the Virtualization Extensions Service, you need to pass to the cmdlet a connection object created with the New-VEConnection cmdlet.

The cmdlet can be used to establish a new connection to the Virtualization Extensions Service or re-establish a previously closed connection. You can use the same connection object to open connection to the Virtualization Extensions Service multiple times.


If there is no activity or communication between VEShell and the Virtualization Extensions Service for the period of 15 minutes, the connection will time out.


-ConnectionSession <VesConnection>

Specifies the connection object created for the Virtualization Extensions Service.








Default Value


Accept Pipeline Input?

True (ByValue, ByPropertyName)

Accept Wildcard Characters?



This cmdlet supports Microsoft PowerShell common parameters. For more information about common parameters, see


The cmdlet accepts the Veeam.Psves.VesConnection object as the input value.


The cmdlet returns a Veeam.Psves.VesConnection object that stores settings for connecting to the Virtualization Extensions Service. The State property of the object is set to “Open”.


The following command checks whether the Virtualization Extensions Service on the localhost is available.

New-VEConnection –ComputerName localhost | Connect-VE | Disconnect-VE

If the Virtualization Extensions Service is available, the cmdlet will return a connection object (with the “Close” state).

Table of contents