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Advanced Configuration Example

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The monitoring criteria for this configuration are:

2 vCenter Servers should be connected

For vCenter Server №1 (Production systems):

oAll clusters, hosts and VMs should be monitored

oHigh-availability data collection backend is a requirement

For vCenter Server №2 (Development/Test systems):

oAll clusters and hosts should be monitored

oVirtual Machines should not be monitored

oHigh-availability data collection backend is not required

oCollection interval of 10 minutes is sufficient

This example will illustrate a more advanced Veeam back-end configuration, requiring the use of multiple Collectors, monitoring groups, and customizing collection settings.

This example assumes that the following sections in the Installation Guide have been followed:

Single-server installation (to provision the VE Service, UI and one Collector)

Collector-only installation (repeated twice, to provision two additional Collector servers)


To predict the number of Collectors required for the monitoring load, use the Veeam MP for VMware Sizing Calculator. For full details, see the Architecture Overview Guide.

Table of contents