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Step 1. Create a Resource Pool for Veeam Collectors

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When the Ops Mgr is installed, three default resource pools are created: All Management Servers Resource Pool, Notifications Resource Pool, and AD Assignment Resource Pool. All Management Servers in your infrastructure automatically become members of these resource pools.

To run Veeam Collector auto-deployment, you can:

Use the default All Management Servers Resource Pool to install Veeam Collectors on all Management Servers.

Create a new resource pool and add to this pool Management Servers that will host Veeam Collectors.

For details on creating and managing resource pools in the Ops Mgr, see Microsoft technical documentation.


Be careful when choosing a Management Server Resource Pool for Veeam Collector auto-deployment. After installation, the resource pool cannot be changed easily. Such configuration changes will require re-installation of the VE Service.

It is also recommended not to use the default resource pools because further configuration and uninstall procedures will require some additional manual steps that cannot be performed automatically. For details, see Uninstalling the Solution.

Check that Management Servers in the chosen resource pool meet Veeam VMware Collector requirements.

Table of contents