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Veeam Management Pack for VMware includes a comprehensive set of proprietary reports with rich functionality, exceeding that of native Ops Mgr reports. There are 3 report packs included with the Veeam MP for VMware:

Veeam VMware Capacity Planning Reports

This report pack contains reports featuring performance forecasting, trending, and modeling. The capacity planning reports are designed to help you avoid possible bottlenecks, maintain a sufficient level of resources and ensure the virtual environment stays in a healthy state.

Veeam VMware Analysis Reports

This report pack contains valuable reports for analyzing and optimizing your vSphere environment, for example right-sizing VMs, finding Idle VMs, finding mis-used and over-provisioned storage.

Veeam VMware Performance History Reports

This report pack contains a full library of reports on the many available metrics in the Veeam MP for VMware, featuring Top/Bottom Contained Objects. The performance history reports are designed to help you evaluate the efficiency of resource utilization and quickly detect top or bottom resource consumers.This guide describes report sample usage only; for detailed description of the reports and guidance on how best to use them, see Veeam MP Report Knowledge.

There are also several common Veeam MP reports that work both for the VMware and Hyper-V infrastructure. This guide does not describe reports included in the Veeam Report Library and Veeam Capacity Planning for Hybrid Clouds pack. For details on these reports, see Veeam MP Report Knowledge.


For instructions on setting up Ops Mgr Reporting, see the Ops Mgr documentation.

Table of contents