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The Veeam components are largely ‘self-monitoring’ using built-in Ops Mgr functionality, and additional rules and monitors in the Veeam MP for VMware; the first step in troubleshooting should be to review the Veeam MP Managed Infrastructure view showing Extensions Service, Monitoring Group (default), Collector heartbeat tracker and vCenter Server connection:

Veeam Extensions Topology

Alerts visible here will refer to licensing, service status, and connections to VMware systems for:

VE Service
Veeam Collector(s)

Use the other available views in the Veeam for VMware > Veeam Collectors subfolder of views to troubleshoot problems in the Veeam back-end collection infrastructure.

Also check standard Ops Mgr alerts (in the Monitoring > _All Active Alerts view) for the status of the Ops Mgr Agents deployed to the Veeam servers.

Some specific troubleshooting scenarios are examined in more detail further.

In This Section

Viewing and Exporting Logs
Problems Accessing and Displaying Veeam UI
Veeam MP Dashboards/Views are Empty
Veeam Components Not Visible in Ops Mgr
VMware Objects Not Visible in Ops Mgr
Unstable Behavior from Ops Mgr Health Service
Missing Alerts in the Ops Mgr console
Troubleshooting Event and Performance Data Delivery
How to Open a Veeam Support Call

Table of contents