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Uninstalling Veeam MP (Auto-Deployment)

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In case you used the Collector auto-deployment feature to install Veeam MP for VMware, follow these steps:

1.Uninstall VE Service and Veeam UI.

2.Delete Veeam management packs.


If during Veeam MP auto-deployment you chose one of the default resource pools (All Management Servers Resource Pool, Notifications Resource Pool, or AD Assignment Resource Pool), skip the first step and manually uninstall all Collectors after Veeam MP components are uninstalled.

To learn how you can work around this issue, see

Before You Begin

Before uninstalling the Veeam MP solution, perform these steps:

1.In the Veeam UI, remove vCenter connection(s) to prevent Management Servers from overloading caused by job failovers after Collectors are uninstalled.

2.Delete the resource pool that you created for Management Servers to host Veeam Collectors.

3.Wait for all Collectors to uninstall (this may take up to 8 hours).

Table of contents