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Step 2. Upgrade Additional Veeam VMware Collectors

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For each Collector in your environment that is installed on a VM that does not run the Management Server role, perform the following steps:

1.Log on to the server where the Collector is installed.

2.Insert the installation disc into the CD/DVD drive or mount the installation image. The setup will open the splash screen with installation options.

3.On the install menu of the splash screen, click Veeam VMware Collector and follow the instructions provided in section Collector-Only Installation.


During upgrade, it is strongly recommended not to move monitoring jobs between Collectors of different versions, as this can cause unstable behavior.

You can also run the v8 Collector installation MSI manually with the additional Veeam Virtualization Extensions server name and port parameters as follows:

msiexec /i VeeamCollector64.msi VIC_EM_SERVER=”ves_name” VIC_EM_SERVER_PORT=”ves_port”

After you upgrade Collectors, the VMware topology will be discovered only in 24 hours. However, you can speed up the discovery process by running the Rebuild Topology task in the Veeam UI. For details, see the Operations Guide.

Table of contents