Known Issues and Limitations

This section lists issues known in Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V.

Inaccurate performance statistics for VMs with the same name

If two or more VMs on a Hyper-V host have the same VM name, Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V may show inaccurate performance statistics data for such VMs. This is because Microsoft performance metric logging makes it impossible to map metrics when VMs have the same name.

Connecting to a host without enabled Hyper-V Server role

When you connect to a host with disabled Hyper-V Server role or with unsupported Hyper-V version, Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V will show an error stating that it cannot retrieve host and VM performance data.

Before connecting a host, make sure that your environment meets the prerequisite conditions described in System Requirements and that the user account has appropriate permissions described in Required Permissions.