Orderby Parameter

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    The orderby query parameter is used to sort items in a resource collection to be returned in a response.

    The parameter accepts the array data type. To sort a resource collection use the orderby query parameter in the following format:

    GET https://<hostname>:<port>/api/<version>/Endpoint?orderby=[{"property":"<property>","direction":"<direction>"}]


    • <property> is a resource property name.
    • <direction> is a direction specifier.

    The Veeam Backup for Google Cloud REST API accepts the following direction specifiers:

    Direction Specifier



    Defines the ascending order of the resource collection representation.


    Defines the descending order of the resource collection representation.


    • To sort plans by their state, send the following request:


    • To sort recovery locations by their type and name, send the following request:


    To learn more about properties of a specific resource that can be used as Sort query parameter values, see the Resource Reference.