Step 4. Configure Connection to SSRS Server

Configure a connection to Microsoft SSRS Server in Veeam ONE Reporter:

  1. Log in to Veeam ONE Reporter as Veeam ONE Administrator.
  2. Open the Configuration tab.
  3. In the configuration menu, click Extension modules.
  4. Open the SSRS Server tab.
  5. Select the Use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services check box.
  6. In the SSRS server URL field, type an URL to the Reporting Services report server page.

The URL must have the following form:


If you configured a named instance for Microsoft SQL Server, the URL must look as follows:


  1. In the User name and Password fields, type credentials for connecting to the SSRS Server.

The account must have the System User role assigned.

  1. Test connection to the SSRS Server and click Apply.

Configure SSRS Connection

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