Step 3. Create Protected VMs Report as Administrator

Create the Protected VMs report as Veeam ONE Administrator and check the scope that the report will return. Compare the report output for the user and administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Veeam ONE Web Client website.
  2. Specify a user name and password of the administrator.
  3. Click Log In.

Log in to Veeam ONE Reporter

  1. In Veeam ONE Web Client, open the Reports tab.
  2. In the list of report packs on the left, select Veeam Backup Monitoring.
  3. In the list of reports on the right, select Protected VMs.
  4. Change the report parameters if required and click Preview.

Specify Report Parameters

  1. Check that the report scope includes all VMs within the managed virtual environment.

Check Protected VMs Summary

  1. Switch to the second report page to check the list of protected VMs in the managed environment.

Check Protected VMs

  1. Switch to the third report page and check the list of unprotected VMs in the managed environment.

Check Uprotected VMs