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Veeam ONE 9.5 Update 4
Multi-Tenant Monitoring and Reporting

Reports for Users with Restricted Permissions

The following reports are available to users with restricted permissions:

Report Pack


VMware Infrastructure Assessment

Datastore Performance Assessment

VM Change Rate Estimation

VM Configuration Assessment

Veeam Backup Assessment

VM Backup Compliance Overview

VMs with no Archive Copy

Veeam Backup Monitoring

Protected VMs

VM Backup Status

VM Change Rate History

Veeam Backup Overview

Protected VMs Job Schedule

VMware Overview

Cluster Configuration

Datastore Capacity

Datastore Configuration

Datastore Space Usage History

Guest Disk Free Space

Host Configuration

Hypervisor Version

Infrastructure Overview

VMs Configuration

VMs Growth

VMware Monitoring

Alarms Current State Overview

Alarms Overview

Cluster Hosts Performance

Cluster Performance

Datastore Performance

Host Performance

Host Uptime

Multiple Clusters Performance

Resource Pool and vApp Performance

VM Performance

VM Uptime

VMware Optimization

Active Snapshots

Garbage Files

Idle VMs

Insufficient Datastore Usage

Orphaned VM Snapshots

Oversized VMs

Powered Off VMs

Undersized VMs

VMware Configuration Tracking

Infrastructure Changes Audit

Infrastructure Changes by Object

Custom reports

VMware Custom Performance

VMware Raw Performance Data

vCloud Director

Catalogs Overview

Organization Configuration

Organization vDC Performance

Provider vDC Performance

vApp Configuration

vApp Performance

VM Uptime

Veeam Large Logo

Deployment Guide

Deployment for Large-Scale Environments

Monitor User Guide

Reporter User Guide

Quick Start Guide

Multi-Tenant Monitoring and Reporting

Working with Alarms

Veeam Backup & Replication Documentation

Veeam Agent for Windows Documentation

Veeam Agent for Linux Documentation

Veeam Management Pack Documentation