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Veeam ONE 9.5
Multi-Tenant Monitoring and Reporting

Functional Restrictions

Users with restricted permissions on the virtual infrastructure inventory have limited access to Veeam ONE functionality. Functional restrictions prevent these users from changing settings that may affect other users in Veeam ONE.


In Veeam ONE Monitor, users with restricted permissions cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Access and modify configuration settings (connections to virtual servers, notification settings, Veeam ONE server settings and license).
  • Create, modify, delete, acknowledge or resolve alarms.


In Veeam ONE Reporter, users with restricted permissions cannot perform the following tasks:

Users with restricted permissions can access custom dashboards and saved reports that have been published by Veeam ONE Administrator.  The virtual infrastructure scope on dashboards and in reports will be restricted in accordance with effective user permissions.

For details on publishing dashboards and reports, see Publishing Dashboards and Publishing Reports.

Business Categorization

Users with restricted permissions cannot access Veeam ONE Business View. However, these users can work with Veeam ONE Business View hierarchies in Veeam ONE Monitor and Veeam ONE Reporter.

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Multi-Tenant Monitoring and Reporting

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