Sort Parameter

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    The Sort query parameter is used to sort items in a resource collection returned in a response.

    The parameter accepts the array data type. To sort a resource collection, use the Sort query parameter in the following format:

    GET https://one-srv:1239/api/v1/<endpoint>?sort={"property":"<property>","direction":"<direction>","collation":"<collation>"}


    • endpoint is a resource collection endpoint.
    • property is the searched property name.

    Sort Parameter Note:

    To sort a resource collection based on a property of a resource subschema, use the "<subschema>.<property>" format to specify the resource property name where <subschema> is the subschema name.

    • direction is a direction specifier. The following values are available:
    • ascending
    • descending
    • collation is the type of rules that determine how sorted values are compared to each other. The following types are available:
    • ordinal — compare strings symbol-by-symbol (only for case-sensitive databases)
    • ignorecase — compare strings symbol-by-symbol ignoring character case
    • lexicographic — compare words with words and numbers with numbers

    The default value is ignorecase.


    To sort task sessions by status, send the following request:

    GET https://one-srv:1239/api/v1/sessions?sort={"property":"status","direction":"descending","collation":"lexicographic"}]