Deleting Categories

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    You can delete categories created in Veeam ONE Client as well as predefined categories and categories imported manually from a CSV file. When you delete a category, objects from this category remain in your infrastructure.

    To delete a category:

    1. Open Veeam ONE Client.
    2. In the inventory pane, navigate to the Business View node.
    3. In the information pane, switch to the Categories tab.
    4. Select a category that you want to delete.

    To find the necessary category, you can use filters and the search field at the top of the categories list.


    Mind that if you delete a category that contains groups included in a plan, these groups of objects will be removed from the plan as soon as the plan will acquire the DISABLED mode.

    1. In the Actions pane, click Delete Category.

    Alternatively, right-click the category and select Delete Category from the shortcut menu.

    Deleting Category