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Veeam Availability Orchestrator 1.0
RESTful API Reference

Filter System Query Option ($filter)

The $filter System Query Option is used to filter resource collections to return a subset of resources in a response. The subset includes only the resources that satisfy conditions specified in the query.

For example, to return only Production VAO sites, send the following request:

GET https://uwin2012r2.n.local:9899/v1/Sites?$filter=type%20eq%20'Production'

Please note that get a representation of a VAO site or failover plan with the specified ID, you must send the following request:

GET https://uwin2012r2.n.local:9899/v1/Sites?$filter=id%20eq%20guid'76da0d75-75b0-4675-8296-0142ad0d52a7'


GET https://uwin2012r2.n.local:9899/v1/FailoverPlans?$filter=id%20eq%20guid'12f39f64-245e-4430-a82e-126497007641'

The $filter system query option supports a set of built-in filter operations and functions that can be used within these operations. For the full description of the syntax used for building requests, see the [OData-URL] syntax rule.

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