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Veeam Availability Orchestrator 2.0
REST API Reference

Query String Options

VAO REST API supports querying according to OData protocol. System Query Options are query string parameters that you can specify to control the amount and order of data that VAO REST API returns for a resource or collection.

VAO REST API supports the following System Query Options:

Query String Options Important!

All queries are case-sensitive.

VAO REST API resource properties can be used as query parameters. For example, to find out which failover plans have configured schedules, use the scheduleEnabled property of the /FailoverPlans resource as a parameter for the $orderby query option in the following request:

GET https://uwin2012r2.n.local:9899/v2/FailoverPlans?$filter=scheduleEnabled%20eq%20true

To learn more about properties of a specific resource, see section Properties in the Resource Reference.

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