Breaking Changes

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    Breaking changes cause REST API v3 to function differently and could affect the client code.

    Schema Changes

    The following changes in the REST API schemas were made:

    • JobSession schema:
    • Removed the restoreJobInfo.vmId property.
    • Removed the restoreJobInfo.items property.
    • RepositoryUpdateFromClientWithKeyVault schema:
    • Removed the oldPassword request body parameter.
    • LicenseInfo schema:
    • Removed the instancesUses property.
    • JobDeletedRestorePoint schema:
    • Removed the repository property.
    • Removed the virtualMachine property.
    • ProtectedItem schema:
    • Removed the item property.
    • UserUpdateFromClient schema:
    • Added the role request body parameter.
    • UserFromClient schema:
    • Added the role request body parameter.
    • Added the type request body parameter.
    • Added the identityProviderEntityId request body parameter.
    • UpdatedStandardAccountFromClient schema:
    • Added the kind request body parameter.
    • Added the sqlOptionsFromClient request body parameter.
    • Added the sqlServers request body parameter.
    • Replaced the RepositorySecurityValidationResult schema by ValidationMessageV2.
    • Renamed RepositorySecurityValidationResultAsyncOperationV2 to ValidationMessage[V2AsyncOperationV2.
    • Changed the type of the result property from object to array.
    • Replaced the RepositorySecurityValidationResult subschema by ValidationMessageV2.