Evaluation with Swagger UI

To start working with the Orchestrator REST API, you can use any client application that supports the HTTPS protocol.

The Orchestrator REST API is additionally available through the Swagger UI, a tool that you can use to evaluate and explore capabilities of the Orchestrator REST API. The Swagger UI visually presents API specification files and allows you to work with resources.

All resources and methods are expandable. When you expand a method, you get a full description of available parameters and an automatically generated example. You can also send requests and see response messages.

To access the Swagger UI for the Orchestrator REST API, in a web browser, navigate to the following URL:



  • <FQDN> is a DNS name or IP address of the machine where the Orchestrator server runs.
  • <port> is the Web UI port number specified during Orchestrator installation.

The default port number is 9898.


Welcome to VAO REST API



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